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When: No current events are scheduled at this time
Time  5 PM – 6:00 PM
Where  Grace Garden Outdoor Room (or) Zoom
772 Division Street, Oregon City, OR.
Zoom information will be distributed upon request. Email: julie@marketingeq.com

Are you creative and wish to share your creative gifts? Do you desire to create something new, but haven’t found inspiration on your own yet? Come join us, share your talents, and create with us together! We have discovered a remarkable creativity and deeply connected synergy within our group and the sum of shared participation creates an awe-filled outcome.

Expand your creativity through personal expression and group participation facilitated by Julie Gorham. This group shares art, music, creative writing, and more. At times, we will make room for individual artists to share their most recent inspiration. Our current attendees are passionate about music, and will make room for new creations.

Our first collaboration was in June, 2021, and we were asked to add music to words of ancient wisdom as found in the CtH Book of Words. What we discovered was a complete re-write, and the music evolved too. Together we practiced this musical collaboration entitled Breathe on Me Great Mystery. This collaboration offers a heart-filled and joyful expression for everyone. It was played by three of the members in a new band we called No Matter What, for the Hillsdale UCC Porch concert in September 2021. It has been welcomed by all who have heard it and we intend to create more, together.

Original Lyrics – Breathe on Me

Breathe on me great mystery, open my heart to you
That I may love with greater love and live as love would do.

Breathe in me sweet mystery, fill me more and more
Let me love the way you love until my heart is pure.

Breathe through me wild mystery, lighten me with your flame
Until I see a whole new world where nothing is the same.

Speak to me great mystery, tell me something new
That I may live another day to see a different view.

Breath through us great mystery, fill us with life anew
That we may live a better life and live in love with you.

Breathe on us great mystery, fill us with your care
That we may build a whole new world that is without despair.

Walk with me great cosmic friend, tred all roads with me
Let us breathe in this new life where we are truly free.

Want to hear the latest version, and sing along with us? We would love to share this with you. 

Ready to share your inspiration to share with us? We are listening.