A.R.T.S Group

Artistic Expression | Radiate Creativity | Transformation Together | Success

When  3nd Monday of every month
Time  5 PM – 6:00 PM
Where  Grace Garden Outdoor Room (or) Zoom
772 Division Street, Oregon City, OR.
Zoom information will be distributed upon request. Email: julie@marketingeq.com.com 

Are you creative and wish to share your creative gifts? Do you desire to create something new, but haven’t found inspiration on your own yet? Come join us and create with us together! Witness the remarkable creativity within this group, and a deeply connected synergy as the sum of shared participation creates an awe-filled outcome. 

Expand your creativity through personal expression and group participation in the A.R.T.S. Group, facilitated by Julie Gorham. This group shares art, music, creative writing, and more.  At times, we will make room for individual artists to share their most recent inspiration. Our current attendees are passionate about music, and we are creating more and more music together! 

In June, we will be practicing a new music collaboration entitled Breathe on Me Great Mystery. This collaboration offers a heart-filled and joyful expression for everyone. If you play an instrument,  you are welcome to please bring it with you. 

Handouts of new songs will be available at the meeting. If you are new to this group, please be in touch with Julie for more information.