Jillian Crisci

Member in Discernment

1. Why did you get involved with CtH?

I joined Christ the Healer in the hopes of finding a spiritual community where members were invested and engaged in their spiritual growth and development.

2. What does CtH mean to you?

I cannot think of a better community in which to tend to my own spiritual needs and development than Christ the Healer. With this bunch, I feel free to explore, question, and take risks alongside other fellow seekers. Their commitment to self-reflection, the humility that comes with a deep understanding of Grace, and the intention to nurture and support others in their own personal development makes this community a fertile place for growth.

3. As a covenanted member, would you mind telling us how this process has helped you grow spiritually? And, why do you feel it’s important to grow spiritually?

The most significant part of being a covenanted member of Christ the Healer is setting a spiritual intention for the year and sharing that intention openly in communion with others who are doing the same. Even the simple invitation to consider my spiritual intention for the year feels like a meaningful exercise – and sharing that intention out loud, for me, is a profound way to be “church” together. There is an aspect of accountability that comes in sharing my intention with others, but with the members of Christ the Healer, this accountability never feels like a “gotcha.” Somehow, as each person shares their intention, the Love in the group just expands in deep understanding and authentic and vulnerable connection. Rather than avoiding my spiritual intention if/when it feels too hard to attend to, I’ve always felt like I could lean-in with honesty and say to the group, “I’m struggling right now” – and the response would always be one of curiosity, Grace, and more Love.

4. Is there anything specific you wish to offer new community members who want to grow with us?

For anyone considering joining Christ the Healer, I would offer a deep commitment to listen and to know you, to walk faithfully with you on your journey, and to trust that you have the wisdom you need to do your own work.

5. If you have embraced the concepts of the Compass of Grace Teachings, would you mind sharing how this has helped you to move into a state of grace with yourself, your relationships and/or the world around you?

While the words of the ‘Compass of Grace’ may be unique, the foundational practice of cultivating awareness is ancient. Noticing my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in any given situation, knowing where they are coming from, and believing that I can practice choosing a different path – a different pattern – is a priceless skill that comes with tremendous discipline. Connecting all of this awareness not only to the mind but to the body – to be able to pause in a tense situation and ask myself, “am I breathing?” – is powerfully healing. And having specific words and common vocabulary to use when identifying these things is helpful not only internally but also in the context of the group.

6. Would you mind sharing how your life has improved or changed as a result of engaging with the CtH leaders and members, or engaging in spiritual and/or healthy living practices?

As a result of this hard and beautiful work, I feel more integrated, more whole, more grounded, and more connected to the Divine that fills me and fuels me. I’ve made friends I never would have expected that I now can’t imagine my life without. I feel more ready to be in the world as an agent of transformation because I can feel that transformation within me.

7. Please tell us a little about yourself, including your leadership skills, personal interests, and how you serve the CtH Community? 

I enjoy composing and playing music. I am a skillful writer, speaker, and facilitator. I am a deep listener, a critical thinker, and a compassionate presence who would rather be “host” than “hero.” I facilitate FIG (Friends in Grace) groups that allow people to connect in vulnerability and practice being in a state of Grace.

8. What is your leadership role in Christ the Healer?

I am a Member in Discernment with the United Church of Christ, discerning a call to ordained ministry.