Explore the path to deeper purpose

Find healing for yourself and each other. Join us in healing our hearts, souls and the world

Build deeper connections, find hope and make a difference

The Kin-dom of heaven is within you

We will help you find it. Christ the Healer is a Christian Community that is dedicated to continual growth so we can become the best versions of ourselves. 

We do this through practices that foster real transformation.

The framework from which we operate is this: We agree to love one another unconditionally first, then we seek to understand each other. Our aim is to embody grace in the fullness of Christ.

Learn about our weekly Body Electronics Gatherings, monthly Friends in Grace (FIG) listening and support meetings, and how to grow your spiritual knowledge. We invite you to participate in our special events too, like the Climate Café, or Body Electronics Intensive

Connect with us and learn how the practices and knowledge help us to realize our fullest being in greater service to one another.

If you desire new spiritual transformation, find value in ancient truths, and want to understand the Christ path to embody grace we should meet!

Together, we are creating the kin-dom of heaven, on earth.

Together, we are becoming who we have always known we are meant to be.

Grow in ways you never imagined

Our practices, information, and support show you how to grow yourself in ways you may never have believed possible.

How would you like to turn peak experiences into everyday states of being to include:

  • Embodied presence with what absolutely is
  • Embodied gratitude for the world you find yourself in
  • Embodied joy through the everyday experiences
  • Embodied love with all that is
  • Embodied acceptance of every experience
  • Embodied inspiration to make the most of every situation
  • Embodied awe in the face of yourself and every other presence that you encounter
  • Embodied peace with it all!

These are what we call the ‘Grace Practices’, as learned through the Compass Way. We seek to love each other first, unconditionally, then we seek to understand one another. 

Are you ready to be this kind of human being?

At CtHUCC, we take the life teachings and examples of Christ seriously and follow as closely as possible in the footsteps of this Premiere Pioneer and Perfector of our Human Endeavor.