What is religion anyway?   

Religion is the way humans make sense of the experience of forces beyond their control and stories and practices that accumulate into a religious culture (link to index) that can be passed down through generations.

Christ the Healer, UCC, is an experimental Christian church which stands on the shoulders of the insights of all true religions. We believe that truth is one and our frame for understanding this truth is the Christian life and witness of the renegade rabbi called Jesus the Christ.

These religions are attempts to describe “the light” we know in our hearts to be true through stories.“This does not invalidate any other spiritualities because God is God by any name, and light is light, wherever you find it. Humans are one family or kin. This is why the members of Christ the Healer follow Jesus.

Rabbi Ariyeh Hirschfield, the founder of congregation P’nai Or, a dear friend of Christ the Healer once said “The Jewish Prophets took all the light from the Torah and distilled it then Jesus distilled all that light from the prophets.”

Spiritual evolution means we continue to distill the light we find. The light that we recognize, that illuminated all the spiritual yearning and cultures of all primitive humanity, that twinkles in all great religions, shines forth brilliantly in the great demonstration of Jesus of Nazareth who is at the center of history.

The most well known understanding of salvation in Western Christianity was that Jesus was an innocent victim. We do not believe this is what atonement means. Atonement is becoming at-one with God, with neighbor, and self, which is the condition of heaven. Jesus demonstrated this in himself, as a perfect human, and showed us the way to follow him to that level of divine humanity. "God became human so that humans can become God" says Iranaus, 4th century, to become a whole, free human, like Christ. It's a universal path for the whole species, and how we bring the kin-dom (kingdom) of heaven on earth, and cease to destroy ourselves and our planet.

What we are offering is spiritual companionship, at-onement, friends in grace, and spiritual treasures with the wisdom tradition and the way of following Jesus. We invite people to discover their gifts, share their spiritual treasures accumulated through seeking and grow with our community. We are your spiritual companion on the initiate path..... (Gabrielle, missing something here)... dedicated Christians who want to follow Christ's lead in his promise to create heaven on earth. How do we transform our lives into the likeness of Christ?

As a group of rag-tag aspirants who seek to grow in grace, we are offering spiritual companionship on the initiate path. We are dedicated Christians who want to follow Christ's lead in his promise to create heaven on earth. How do we transform our lives into the likeness of Christ? Let's share together the spiritual treasures accumulated through the wisdom tradition and following Jesus for personal and planetary transformation.

We offer many interesting events for body, mind and spirit from which you may draw inspiration.