Spiritual Education

Title: Growing in God – Practicing the Science of Spirituality: A Five-Week Series
Date: Wednesdays from May 22 – June 19
Time: 5:00 pm.
Led by Rev. Gabrielle Chavez

Growing into God – Practicing the science of Spirituality

Introduction by Gabrielle

Thousands of years ago people who sought to outgrow the limits of the religions of their day, and who wanted more truth, sought out what were called mystery schools or teachers. They wanted to accelerate their spiritual development and reach new heights. Most of us don’t think of Christianity as a mystery religion even though the word mystery appears of multiple times in our New Testament text. When I read a story of Jesus, as a mystery teacher, it all lit up for me; I’m one of those aspirants who wanted more out of my faith than conventional religion, even progressive Christianity could offer me.

So if that’s you, and you’ve been asking yourself these or similar questions, below, this is the class for you! 

1. What is the good news of spirituality?

2. What does the gospel of Christianity  offer the world today?

3. When we talk about salvation, what is it, and what are we being saved from? And is it in this life or some next life? 

4. If Jesus is some kind of a savior, exactly how does he save us, and what about all the other religions that offer spiritual answers and practices? 

If you’ve unsure or uninspired about the answers that you’ve heard to these questions, you will gain or refresh new understandings and integrative practices to engage the transforming Christ path.”

Enjoy a romp through Gabrielle’s brilliant synthesis of science, spirituality, and the best of the Bible. We have some some exciting new developments, over the last decades, or last century in both the hard physical sciences and the social sciences like psychology. These shed light on these old questions about how do we meet our full potential of human beings or in the biblical language how do we grow into God?  

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For over 25 years, Rev. Gabrielle Chavez has been living, teaching, and evolving a curriculum for the great initiations of the Christ Path: Incarnation, Baptism, Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension.

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