Bonnie E Fackre-Cochise

Member, Pastor & Professional Clown (Polka Doodle)

 1. Why did you get involved with CtH?

I needed an alternative church context in which to grow and develop into a more creative and courageous Christian.

2. What does CtH mean to you?

Christ the Healer has become primary for me, as the community through which I best express my love and share my spirituality.

3. As a covenanted member, would you mind telling us how this process has helped you grow spiritually? And, why do you feel it’s important to grow spiritually?

Remaining committed to Body Electronics, weekly, has helped me shift my perspective and heal my body. Sunday Suppers offered the opportunity to reach out and interact with new people. FIG creates the space for me to share honestly and face myself in the mirror of the quiet listening of trust others. Mystery School offers exciting ways to learn about other spiritual practices and to deepen my own spiritual development. Reiki classes have given me specific tools to tap into positive restorative energy. The Compass Way gives me a map to help me regulate my own feelings and behavior. Volunteering at Acres of abundant Grace and Grace Garden grounds me in the earth, as my neighbor. Climate Café opens whole new possibilities of outreach with folks who are seeking healing. The Beacons, as “governing body” of CtH, gives everyone a voice –and me too.

4. Is there anything specific you wish to offer new community members who want to grow with us?

I would be willing to mentor someone who wants to explore the rich treasures that Christ the Healer has to offer.

5. If you have embraced the concepts of the Compass of Grace Teachings, would you mind sharing how this has helped you to move into a state of grace with yourself, your relationships and/or the world around you?

As a professional educator, I work in an intense environment of very young children at risk in their development because of poverty-related issues. Compass Way teachings have both grounded me and expanded me in my teaching style and hands-on interactions.

Also, when I face potential conflict with adults who might not agree with me, in other parts of my life, I am able to listen to the real concerns going on underneath

6. Would you mind sharing how your life has improved or changed as a result of engaging with the CtH leaders and members, or engaging in spiritual and/or healthy living practices?

I have become a much nicer person–less judgmental, more cooperative– than I would have been, had I stayed on my former path. Looking for more in your life? Come, taste and see. 

7. Please tell us a little about yourself, including your leadership skills, personal interests, and how you serve the CtH Community? 

I do preach in a traditional pastoral role, and I love exploring new ideas. I am a serious silent (professional) clown who likes to bring out the light in other people. I am a grand more of a two-year old in New Zealand, who I have never met yet in person because of COVID. I would love to be part of a sixties-type folk singing sharing group. I do write songs, and I still consider myself part of the Freedom Revolution that is evolving the earth. I am getting certified in Permaculture this summer from Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland and I would love to share this knowledge in the context of our new collective project: Climate Café Project.

8. What is your leadership role in Christ the Healer?

I sometimes serve as scribe or secretary for the Beacons.