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Title Annual Covenant Renewal – Required for Membership
Date December every year. New members can join anytime!
Fee $20 per year

Every year we renew our commitment to spiritual growth. The tool we use is called a Covenant. At the end of every year, we take time to reflect on what we have accomplished, and set new spiritual goals for the coming year. This is a time to plan for new growth. At the end of every year, our membership ends and we start the process anew. To renew membership, every member is asked to create and share a new covenant, and we share these together.

We recognize people who are dedicated to spiritual growth experience real change. Therefore, one of the things that makes CtH unique as a church is that members can only join for a year. Our current members are invited to become a part of a loving community every year. We recreate ourselves every year by making new covenants.

How have we held a church together, with transformation at is core, for 26 years?

Covenant. A voluntary promise by each member made and/or refreshed each year to share with the community

that begins with a declaration of a personal intention and how the community can support you.

If you are new to CtH, you are welcome to start one at any time – and we will facilitate a meeting to welcome you and your covenant. This is our only requirement to become a member of our church. 

Allow yourself some space to notice and meditate on how your soul wants to shine forth in your life and relationships in 2023. Wonder how a community dedicated to unfolding the inner light in each of us, through co-creating a field of unconditional love, might support you? And, how your energy and gifts can help build that? 

Why is the purpose of a Covenant, and why is important to membership? 

The essential purpose and collective covenant of Christ the Healer UCC is to help persons grow into the “image and nature of God” demonstrated by Jesus as the universal Christ among us. We do this by learning and practicing ever widening unconditional love of self, neighbor, and all creation. As we support one another in:

  1. Waking up
  2. Cleaning up
  3. Growing up
  4. Showing Up

    It’s through this process that we grow into our soul potential. And, we experience the transformation of personal and societal relationships for the kin-dom of heaven on earth in real time.

We are open, curious and experimental about the many ways we may develop and express expanding love for all creation, and give ourselves permission to constantly change and grow in community.

What is a Covenant? 

Covenants are intentional agreements creating a relationship of mutual commitment. Writing a covenant of personal intentions and sharing with the spiritual community of Christ the Healer is how you become a member or a Member in Spirit for the year: All members embrace and are embraced by our collective CtH covenant: Waking up, Growing
up, Cleaning Up, and Showing up together for the emergence of the Kin-dom of Heaven on earth. To do this, we seek to love God and one another in a transformational healing community. We affirm Christ as the universal love of God. As the embodiment or body of Christ, we mean to love, respect, and affirm one another (and ourselves) before  understanding is reached; then make the effort to understand each other. Christ the Healer United Church of Christ is a registered peace church encouraging and supporting its members in conscientious objection to war. We welcome everyone, including persons of any and all sexual and gender orientations, into our “walk together”
covenant community.


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2023 Covenants

We have received the largest number of beautiful covenants in the history of Christ the Healer, this year! Our Community is growing. We look forward to receiving more. What it means to make a commitment to your spiritual growth is about who you uniquely are, what you need to grow, how we can help you grow, and what you are willing to give and share with the community – prayer, connection, a hand at an event, land, an ear, a heart, food, shelter, donations, care for one another, art, music, word of inspiration, leading a group, creating a new event, supporting our existing events, raising funds, supporting the under-served, going together in grace practices – there is no limit, nor no right or wrong. There is only you, and we are loving you unconditionally, all the way. Need help figuring this out? Plenty of dedicated spiritual aspirants are here to help you by asking questions, and guiding you into contemplation for this exciting and important journey. Let us know how we can help.