Body Electronics

Weekly meetings every Thursday from 7 PM – 9 PM

Available on Zoom for advanced members of BE. In-person gatherings have resumed.


This is an intensely holistic group practice described in the book Body Electronics by Thomas C. Chavez. This is a very demanding practice: the table work part, also known as “point holding” where everyone who wishes to participate is welcomed and supported in taking responsibility for their own experience — no one comes to just watch.

This incredible healing practice called body electronics has been lived and experienced by some members of Christ the Healer UCC since our community first got started.

Its effectiveness as a way to maintain and/or restore health has at times been called miraculous. But, this practice is far more than a way to heal, it is a way to touch our own deepest truth with unmistakable clarity and foster spiritual growth with remarkable swiftness. We invite others to learn how this work is done and bring its benefits into their lives.

Body Electronics Intensive

Body Electronics Intensive with Teaching
August 19-22, 2021 Thursday-Sunday
– 9 am – 9 pm Thursday-Saturday
– 9 am – 3 pm Sunday

Save the Date! Grace Garden will be hosting a 4-day summer point-holding intensive in Oregon City.

Get the deepest understanding about Body Electronics through morning and afternoon group talks by Thomas and three (3) point holding sessions each day. BE intensives co-create a powerful healing field that accelerates and energizes wholeness at every level – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social. This is our most transformational offering.

From Farm to Table! Delicious raw vegan meals will be included

Introducing: Mia Dalene, Raw Chef & Restaurateur. Mia will curate this year’s delicious, organic live food from Grace Garden and other local sources. This is a fundraiser for our community and a profoundly healing event.

The minimum donation for the intensive, including meals is $650.

If you are interested and are not already on the Body Electronics mailing list, please email for more information.

RSVP for the event: More details will be forthcoming.

Recommended Reading

Thomas has published two books that are essential to understanding BE and how to prepare yourself for the BE practice. Body Electronics is an in-depth manual for step-by-step physical regeneration and details much of what you need to know to begin in your Body Electronics Program. Breaking Free Gently is a framework that helps us to re-understand ourselves in a manner that gives us vastly improved insights into our individual lives, and much-improved power within our individual lives. It helps us to arrive at realms of grace and peak experiences. It also helps us to experience profound spiritual progress and transpersonal attainment. This understanding will enhance your ability to process all that emerges during your point-holding sessions.