Friends in Grace

When 2nd Monday of every month
Time 6 PM – 7:30 PM
Where Zoom (or) Grace Garden Outdoor Room. 772 Division Street, Oregon City, OR. Zoom information will be distributed upon request. 

“There is a stereotype of mystics seeking to escape the world, concerned only with the ecstasy of their own experience of union with the Divine; yet in that union is a doorway that opens out into everything and everyone. The experience of oneness brings us back into relationship with the Allness.” – Liza Rankow, from the Richard Rohr Daily Meditation. 

As we seek to integrate both being one with the Divine and being one with all that surrounds us, we invite you to gather with us in a spirit of deep connection and companionship, sharing and practicing listening “in a state of Grace.” 

Christ the Healer UCC Friends in Grace groups are facilitated experiences of guided group meditation and heartfelt listening to one another. You’re invited to check out our newest monthly offering, led by Jill Crisci, on Zoom, or in person at Grace Garden’s new outdoor room.

Drop in Meetings

Prerequisite: The Compass Way

Friends in Grace is a way of being together based on what we teach. Participants have benefited from a basic understanding of Christ the Healer’s Compass Way learning how to recognize the physical-psychological stances each of us holds in daily life and how to shift out of states of resistance and self-protection to states of grace as we choose.

We offer regular opportunities to learn the basics of The Compass Way through workshops. Please use the contact form to let us know if you’d like to know how to be part of a F.I.G. group. Here’s a testimony from Angela, FIG host:

“FIG is not your everyday support group. It is focused on ushering in a new paradigm in which we see and honor and nurture the expression of the One as it evolves and manifests uniquely through each of us and through out group as whole.

I truly hope you are able to come and participate in this most awesome and deeply touching adventure in human relationship. It is what we make it! And we can only create it together.”