Christ Path Mystery School

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When No current classes are scheduled at this time. Updates are forthcoming
Where Zoom Meetings – recurrent Zoom link will be provided
Time 2 PM
Fee Freewill donation welcomed but not required

Prerequisite: A completed Covenant which is an annual commitment to spiritual growth. This educational series is currently in progress. New dates will be forthcoming.

This series is a deep introduction to the theory and practice of following Christ through his 5 life initiations. In this course, Gabrielle weaves biblical, scientific, and wisdom tradition understandings into a transformational Christ Path for spiritual development. This class is open to committed learners and seekers of all traditions.

“Those of you who have been through earlier training are welcome to refresh and deepen your understanding and practice. Through this training, you may be a guide to new students for “friends in Grace” attendance. Please share the invitation with everyone you know who is longing for a wider and deeper spiritual path.” Gabrielle Chavez

Gabrielle recently led a Knowledge Camp called Putting Away Childish Things – How Christianity Could Evolve for the Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ. There is a free recording available on the CPC Youtube channel. It’s recommended for anyone interested in the upcoming classes as well as a good overview of her integral approach to the subject of spiritual development.

Contact: for more information.

What is a Mystery School?

A mystery school offers teachings and practices leading to enlightenment and transformation that are considered secret, hidden, or difficult for the uninitiated to access.

Our school focuses on the “hidden in plain sight” Christ path of spiritual evolution through five stages demonstrated in the life of Christ, and draws from biblical and historical church tradition.

Courses in the Christ Path Mystery School bring together the Christ mystery with a physiological understanding of the evolution of human “spiritual anatomy” that arose in the wisdom of the East as is now being mapped and measured by psychoneurology and related work in neuroscience. As far as we know, this is the only contemporary Christian effort along these lines.

Much of the learning is through homework and interaction with partners in the class between lessons. Participants are asked to commit to full attendance, with an option to attend virtually on Zoom. Our first-class will give an overview and explain the course requirements.

Please contact Gabrielle to make your arrangements and for any questions.

I am grateful for the years of inspiration, study, development, and testing that my training in biology and religion, as an ordained UCC minister, and 23-year engagement with the wider spiritual adventure as pastor of CtHUCC has afforded to bring this to birth. – Gabrielle Chavez