Wesak Progress Report

As Humanity Evolves and our Kin-dom of Heaven Project

Since 1997, CtH UCC has engaged in an annual Wesak ceremony. Wesak (Vesak) is a holiday traditionally observed mostly by Buddhists. CtH offers an annual meditation too. This an esoteric Christian tradition that invites​ Christ and Buddha to work together to bless the world to make spiritual progress one step further each year. 

The mythic story involves a gathering in the high Himalayas for the bringing down of the new energies to serve the world, into a bowl of water. We follow that tradition providing our own bowl and allow that water to be charged. 

This year, in particular, our ceremony took place entirely outdoors, and precisely at the moment of moon-rise, an entire tribe of coyotes began howling together. It was remarkable in that the hills and trees around made moonrise at the precise moment unobservable. And yet, the Coyotes were right on cue. This was also at the moment in which everyone globally was meditating at the same time! 

Annual Progress Reports

Wesak Water Interpretation for 2024

Keep on keeping on

Deepening shadows have tempted the souls of the living who would reach for light to return ill for ill. Be not fooled, be not misled. Do not despair, regardless of appearances. You have the tools you need. Love the evildoers. Love yourself in all the mirrors.
Keep on keeping on in what appears to be, and may well be narrowing options for humanity.

“The seed of God is in us. Pear seeds grow into pear, trees, nut seeds grow into nut trees, and God seeds grow into God.” — Meister Eckhart.

Wesak Water Interpretation for 2023

See the whole long view for the past. See the whole wide view for the present, as the Soul sees. See why the mind/ego sees neither adequately. The personality, ego, body must be filled by Soul’s intention. Each decade, each year, more humans on earth understand the principle, but it is practice, not understanding which brings the change.

Practice accepting, letting go of organizing, directing, owning life and let Soul organize, direct and own. The Great Turning comes not from instruction and understanding, but from practice and experience. Help one another do what is necessary.

This time of trials continues, for even those who know the truth forget and “other”. Rise above the petty and love those who quarrel even with yourself. There is only our human selves to be overcome with unrelenting, unstinting, unreserved love. What separates must be loved more thoroughly, completely, from all angles.

We have the answer—but as long as we are parochial, we’re in our own way.

[Thomas says] “In terms of the large minority of people who get what’s necessary, we could be at the turning point of history, but it’s not through understanding that the turn is made. As many human beings as possible must love all that is, regardless of any other consideration.”

Wesak Water Interpretation for 2022

It’s time. This is our big opportunity. A giant opportunity to step up and practice unconditional love. As a species we are ill-prepared to do this. There are many wrongs revealed. Our long broken places are revealed to us as never before. Our opportunity is to stand aside from our long -standing lacks. We will look for blame, there is no blame. We will look for interference, none is to be found. We will look for ill will, there is no need. We will look for God’s disfavor that is not there. The excuses are waiting to be found in our own mind. We need not believe them. Only in being courageous do we overcome. No excuse, no blaming of outside interference will help.

Not only can we can do it but there is nothing to overcome but ourselves. It is simply that we are up against ourselves, especially the desire to find an excuse, someone to blame. Our shadow is showing up and now looks doubly deep. There is nobody to fight. We need not fight wrong. We bring love.

Wesak Water Interpretation for 2021

The light is yours to receive, yours to conduct, yours to focus, yours to share.

  • The light is not yours to keep, nor yours to own. Be the light.
  • Remember the light of love.
  • Weep for the darkness as light increases and darkness consciousness grows frantic, doing ever more which is wrong.

The greater the effort of the darkness, the deeper the plunge. So know in yourself compassion for evil as it intensifies. Dark brothers remain brothers. There are places where it’s getting worse because it’s getting better due to these frantic efforts.”

Wesak Water Interpretation for 2020

A coming year of humblest triumph. Foundations tremble in all quarters. Little collapses instantly, yet all power structures weaken. Power through oneness waxes. Power through force wanes, but gloat not. Tend the increase. In every human collection, this need holds. You have waited. This is a moment of greater inflection to the turning. Tend it tenderly everywhere. Only the light prevents the reversal of gains.

  • Oneness in light
  • Oneness of love
  • Oneness as power

It’s a tentative but huge hope. We have what we’ve been waiting for if we can keep it by not getting caught in gloating or fighting. A call to double down on being our best, because one piece of what has always been the coming disaster is upon us. It’s mitigated and we can come out better than before. But it’s never guaranteed.

Wesak Water Interpretation for 2019

This period of test no longer builds. But the consequences of what is built must now be flooded with light, with love, with open acceptance. Continue to regard the light and the light only.

A peak is reached. Glide is ahead. No worse comes. All that must be loved is already launched.

  • Love it fully.
  • Love it kindly.
  • Love it intensely.

The blessing is that we managed to hold enough light that we didn’t contribute to a new round of testing. We need to keep remembering the light to deal with the aftermath of what is already happening.

Wesak 2018 Remember the Light

Hold tight to courage. Let go of all rage, fear, despair. A tipping point is reached before Easter. Hold love.

  • Embrace oneness.
  • Accept what you find under all circumstances. This must be remembered every day, every hour of every day so that when the balance shifts, it shifts in love.
  • Fear nothing. Even the most unwelcome news is bad news only when you reject it. Do not be tricked by invitations to feel anguish. Those who give all to the light must remember the light.

It’s like the whole descent into the darkness we’ve been witnessing a little at a time for years is reaching its nadir. It gets worse; and if at the worst moment the would-be saintly, the lightworkers, catch the infection of fighting back, the darkness will win because there is nobody who is holding the light and those who would be good are fighting those who have already made that mistake.